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Friday October 31st 2014

Celebrity David Fernandez Jr.And His Next Big Movie!!!


When it comes to Hollywood there are only a select few of very talented actors that can pull off multiple roles.Whether it be in action films like “End Of watch” with Jake Gyllenhaal or dramatic roles and memorable in depth characters in movies like “A Father’s Journey” Actor David Fernandez Jr brings the talent!  David is now currently working on a number of new films including “The Man on Carrion Road” also starring Patrick Wilson and John Leguizamo! Keep an eye on David~ and his incredible talent and growing movie portfolio!!

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Matthew Martino posts ‘on set’ snap.. Aren’t you on leave?!

The tweet came after speculation that the 21year old former F5 Air Chief Executive was offered a top job for a company being referenced to as ‘HSP’ as Martino retweeted various tweets on his account. No official comment was made by Martino’s rep who have been very quiet about the what’s actually going on.


In 2012 when Martino was the Chief Executive at F5 he was warned by the board against bringing any unwanted publicity to the company and since then the 21year old has been very secretive about who he works for and what work he actually does.


The Lets Fly author’s CV boasts of Business, Marketing, Criminology and Health & Social Care diplomas so his new job could be in either one of these industries. Released memoirs in 2013 suggested Martino had also attended University of Essex and London Southbank University but its unknown what qualifications he obtained.